Alexa? Why Would Anyone Want A Talking Toilet?

One product launched at CES more than any other indicated we might be nearing the voice-controlled shark jump ramp: the talking toilet.

I get it. Voice controlled everything is where it’s at right now. Cool. There are so many uses that really make sense, from setting kitchen timers without dirty hands to providing services for the disabled.

There is nothing you and your toilet need to say to one another. Sit or stand, aim, clean, flush. That’s it. Maybe a perch for your phone would be nice, but a conversation. C’mon.

It’s from bathroom fixture brand name Kohler and called the Numi intelligent toilet. The crapper with a personality is hooked up to your device through Kohler Konnect and lets you control the lighting, heated seat, foot warmer and cleaning options. Kohler also introduced a voice-controlled mirror, just to completely round out the Black Mirror bathroom experience.

Kohler Konnect will also fill your bath to the desired temperature, turn on the shower and even the kitchen faucet with voice commands.

Sure there are probably instances I can’t even think of that a voice-controlled faucet would be handy, but for most of us, is flushing manually and silently really that much of a drag?





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