Ajit Pai Nixes CES Appearance Presumably To Avoid Getting Dragged By Entire Tech Industry

Turns out Ajit Pai has no problem upending the internet as we know it, he’s just not willing to show up to get publicly dragged by the entire tech industry for the effort.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has abruptly cancelled his scheduled appearance at CES, the tech industry’s largest trade show, which would have been his first public appearance since overseeing the FCC’s gutting of Net Neutrality regulations.

With less than a week until the start of CES, the Consumer Technology Association, which organizes the event, announced Pai would be a no-show.

“Unfortunately, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is unable to attend CES 2018,” the Consumer Technology Association said in a statement. “We look forward to our next opportunity to host a technology policy discussion with him before a public audience.”

It couldn’t have been the moderator who scared Pai away. Gary Shapiro, the Consumer Technology Association president was behind the move to Drop Net Neutrality regulations. Of course, the public audience part of the appearance was likely to get a little heated.

Pai certainly hasn’t shied away from the spotlight in the past. He’s made it a personal gimmick to slurp coffee out of a signature comically over-sized coffee mug and even made a video mocking proponents of Net Neutrality rules as fidget spinning rubes only interested in making “Harlem Shake” videos.

One would suspect the crowd at CES would have some reaction to Pai’s smug victory lap.

But we’ll never know. Because, Pai, a public servant is far too busy for trivial matters like explaining his actions to, you know, the public.

I have a feeling whether Pai shows his face or not, he will still be a hot topic of conversation at many CES cocktail hours. Maybe someone should make a video of that?





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