Are Self-Driving Motorcycles A Real Thing?

We’ve had time to come to terms with the idea of self-driving cars making their way onto the roads. But what about self-driving motorcycles? Is that a thing? Not exactly, but kind of.

A company called 6th (as in sixth sense) is introducing a hardware and software tool that uses LiDAR to predict an accident before it happens.

According to 6th the, system can sense a fatigued or distracted driving, avoid collisions and provide real-time updates on road and traffic conditions.

“Using sensors, 6th captures 1000s of data points every second of your ride,” the company says about its Fatigue & Distraction Management System. “Over time, the system learns your style and is able to detect anomalies such as distracted or aggressive riding. The system also engages with the rider during long rides with small safe tasks that require them to bring their focus back to riding to help detect fatigue and address inattention or lost in thought.”

LIDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging technology, is generally used by groups like the National Ocean Service to map the Earth’s surface. 6th is using the same method to detect when a motorcyclist’s space has been compromised and alerts the driver to avoid accidents.

The Early Street Warning System provides alerts and updates on speed, road hazards, dangerous intersections and more by aggregating several sources of data and feeding those to the driver in real time.

The company will provide demonstrations of its technology at the upcoming CES show at booth #51509.

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