Mavenir’s 5 Critical Factors for 5G Survival

In it’s latest whitepaper, Mavenir makes the argument old network business models aren’t going to work in a 5G world. Cost-per-bit models are going to be crushed under exponentially increasing data consumption. Virtualization from the core out to the Radio Access Network is the key to monetizing 5G mobile networks and Mavenir says it knows how to get CSPs ready.


“Operators control only 9 percent of the services consumed,” the paper says. “Operators must also contend with supporting the growing numbers low-power connected devices, which Gartner estimates will reach 20.4 billion by 2020. Importantly, the decisions they make today for upgrading 4G networks to cope with current demand will ultimately affect their ability to compete, and even survive in the 5G era.”

Revolutionizing Mobile Network Economics: 5 Critical Factors For Survival in the 5G Era


Featured image: Mavenir


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