Trump White House Declares 5G Wireless Internet A National Security Priority

The Trump administration took a brief time out from its tax cut happy dance to release the annual National Security Strategy Report this week. And while the document is predictably focused on undoing initiatives set up by President Obama and hand wringing over immigration, there was one bit in there that hints Trump might actually be focused on pushing infrastructure innovation. The Trump White House says in the report it views 5G wireless internet rollout in the national security interests of the country.

“We will improve America’s digital infrastructure by deploying a secure 5G Internet capability nationwide,” the report, which is required by law to be submitted from the White House to Congress reads. The 5G passage was included under the subhead, “Improve American Infrastructure” along with airports, roads and railways.

Trump made big, brash promises during the campaign to invest in American infrastructure, and he’s hinted he’s still prepared to make good. “We’ll be submitting plans on infrastructure… soon after taxes,” President Trump said in late November, according to The Hill.

Infrastructure spending is one issue where Trump and Democratic congressional leadership appear to have some common ground, sort of. Senate Democrats, The Washington Post reported, are proposing a  spending package for infrastructure, while Republicans favor a public-private partnership model.

There’s no denying the first year of the Trump administration has been very good to telecommunications. Between the tax breaks and regulation rollbacks, these multi-billion dollar companies are sitting prettier than ever. And with Washington D.C. appearing to align on the importance to push 5G innovation, there might be more to come.

The side effect of which just might be a better, smarter internet for the rest of us. The telecom industry already has already been handed all of the money by the Trump administration. Now all we can do is hope they decide to invest a little bit of it back into the country or that Trump has the juice to force them to do it.

We’ll stay tuned.




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