Ted Cruz Uses ‘Star Wars’ All Wrong to Explain Net Neutrality to Luke Skywalker, Hilarity Ensues

On Twitter there are self owns, and there’s what Texas Senator Ted Cruz did over the weekend. See the Senator, who is mostly known for being awful in every way, tried to start static with Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill over Net Neutrality and it didn’t exactly go according to plan.

It all started with Hamill tweeting in response to the trash video FCC Chairman Ajit Pai made last week mocking Net Neutrality protesters.

Inexplicably, Senator Cruz decided to jump in and defend Pai and the FCC decision by arguing “Star Wars” with the actual Luke freaking Skywalker. It didn’t end well.

Apparently, Cruz is arguing that Darth Vader is like the federal government and now that the corporations are going to be in charge the internet is free. It’s a tough sell. Does Ted Cruz know he draws a paycheck from this evil federal government?

You knew Hamill’s clap back would be epic and he didn’t disappoint.

You might recall that little incident in September when Cruz’s Twitter account liked” a hardcore porn video. Naturally, Cruz blamed that incident on a staffer.

But that’s didn’t stop Cruz from going back in with another thread explaining freedom or something.

Maybe Twitter isn’t the right medium for Cruz.


Featured image: Pixabay


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