Will Shared Autonomous Vehicles Be So Sweet We’ll Want to Spend More Time on the Road?

A new article out from Wireless Design Magazine takes a hard look at how cities and other local municipalities should look at, and anticipate, the future of commuting, which will in the not-too-distant future be dominated by driver-less shared cars.

The article argues autonomous shared vehicles are likely to drive down the cost and pollution associated with daily driving while eliminating the stress of driving. In fact, many people might choose to live farther out from city centers and employment areas, since commute time won’t be spent stuck behind the wheel. With a computer in charge, passengers are freed up to do all sorts of other activities.

Cities have to get smart about how to regulate large autonomous vehicle fleets, the article says, and anticipate how popular they’re likely to be.

“The climate change impacts of shared autonomous vehicles are highly uncertain,” the article’s author Benjamin D. Liebowicz wrote. “But, by enacting appropriate policies now during their formative phase, we can make them an integral component of a sustainable transportation future.”

However local governments handle the explosion in popularity of shared autonomous cars, it’s coming and it’s exciting.


Featured image: Pixabay 




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