Alphabet X Will Use Lasers to Deliver Wireless Internet in India

India has decided the best way to bring internet infrastructure to populated areas is new wireless technology from Alphabet X, which owns Google. They’re going to get new technology in Andhra Pradesh that delivers internet by lasers.

Although the specific terms haven’t been disclosed, Forbes reports Alphabet X will deploy 2,000 boxes on posts, roofs and other common areas across Andhra Pradesh, to create a network of coverage for cellphone towers, WiFi hotspots and end users. The boxes use high-bandwidth lasers which function “…like fiber optic cable, but without the cable,” according to Baris Erkman from Alphabet X.

“These FSOC links will form part of the high-bandwidth backbone of their network, giving them a cost effective way to connect rural and remote areas across the state,” Erkman added. “The links will plug critical gaps to major access points, like cell-towers and WiFi hotspots, that support thousands of people.”

Alphabet says, according to Forbes, hooking up developing countries to the internet is the fastest growing aspect of their business.

The technology was developed by Alaphabet X’s Project Loon, which uses baloons deployed across the stratosphere to provide LTE coverage. The balloons were used in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria to connect 100,000 users during the initial response and recovery efforts, according to engadget.

Featured image: Alphabet X 


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