Global Internet Download Speeds Jumped 30 Percent This Year

The Speedtest Global Index just reported a crazy development. According to their calculations, the world’s mobile download speeds improved by an unbelievable 30 percent over just the past 12 months.

Of course that number represents the mean of speeds across the globe and is being driven by huge strides being made in developing countries. The largest increase was in Laos which saw an improvement in download speeds of nearly 250 percent. Vietnam was second with a 188 percent jump and Trinidad and Tobago came in third with a more than 133 percent boost, according to Speedtest.

It’s equally interesting to see which countries saw the smallest gains and even slowing of speeds, compared to other countries including Algeria, Ecuador and Latvia.

When it comes to fixed broadband, India came out on top, according to Speedtest, with a 76.9 percent improvement in download speed in 2017.

Featured image: Pixabay




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