FCC Votes Down Net Neutrality Regulations: What Now?

A brief security evacuation was the only surprise today when the FCC, in a three-to-two vote along party lines, rolled back 2015 “Net Neutrality” regulations. But that’s far from the final say on the matter. Net Neutrality proponents are ready to take the fight to the courts.

During the hearing, according to Business Insider, Democrat commissioner Mignon Clyburn roasted the move saying, “I dissent from this fiercely-spun, legally-lightweight, consumer-harming, corporate-enabling Destroying Internet Freedom Order.”

It was during Chairman Ajit Pai’s opening remarks the room was cleared by security so it could be searched. Business Insider reports the FCC has not yet commented on what prompted the evacuation. Pai today released a video mocking Net Neutality proponents to add a insult to internet injury.

According to Wired, Net Neutrality advocacy group Free Press is ready to argue the matter in court and will likely be joined by others. But as Wired adds, the real work on the future of Net Neutrality, most experts agree, will be done in Congress.

What could possibly go wrong there?

In the wake of the decision there has been a torrent of reaction.

Like this:


The ACLU offers a general “see you in court” response.

Netflix is likely to be one of the major targets of ISPs as one of the biggest bandwidth hogs on the internet.

But I think we can all agree Ajit Pai’s oversized Reeses mug is idiotic.


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