Ajit Pai Makes Video Mocking Net Neutrality Protesters Because He Works For Trump and They’re Classy Like That

Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman, is such an insufferable asshole that he’s not content just to strip away protections for a free and open internet, despite raging protests against it. No, on the day the country awaits the vote to repeal Net Neutrality protections, this statesman, this public servant, got together with the conservative dingle berries at the Daily Caller to make a video to mock Net Neutrality protesters with outdated pop culture references and awful jokes. Oh, and there’s even a cameo from Pizzagater conspiracy theorist Martina Markota, according to Gizmodo.

Cool friends bro. She’s one of the Harlem Shakers. Yes, you read that right, it’s that bad.

The video is an attempt to be funny, but it’s just not. It’s supposed to run down all of the things we’ll still be able to do on the internet after he and his bros strip away regulations. The only problem is, I don’t think this bumbling doofus actually understands what he’s talking about.

Here’s the video:

This guy thinks the only reason we want a free and open internet is to do stuff that was popular two years ago like buy fidget spinners and “gram” our Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and upload “Harlem Shake” videos.

While the FCC chairman does an end-zone dance in the face of the majority of Americans he works for, there’s also plenty the internet’s chief regulator got wrong in his idiotic performance. I know: aggressive, un-funny and uninformed? It’s a Trump administration signature move.

So let’s just take a moment to set the record straight.

  • Yes, we’ll be able to shop online, but retailers will have to pay ISP’s more, passing the cost onto shoppers. He left that part out.
  • Yes, we’ll still be able to binge watch “Game of Thrones,” but we’ll have to pay HBO even more for access, while shelling out even more cash to our ISP for “fast lane” connectivity.
  • And yes, you’ll still have access to Instagram, but again, it won’t be free anymore, users will likely have to start paying a premium to access our favorite sites.

So while this schmuck was making fun of all of us for losing a free and open internet, what he’s really celebrating is the bags of money ISPs are going to be able to extract from everyday Americans and give it to hacks like.. wait for it… Ajit Pai.

So let’s hope he enjoys his moment as a viral sensation in a cheap suit. Because Americans won’t forget the damage he’s attempting to do and the particular glee he takes in making the internet more expensive and less accessible on his watch.

Laugh it up, creep.


Featured image: Daily Caller/YouTube


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