This Company Has Figured Out How to Power Wireless Communication With Air, NBD

If everything will eventually have its own sensor connected to the Internet of Things, how will we power all of these devices without breaking the bank or spending all of our time running to Radio Shack for batteries?

The big brains behind Seattle-based startup Jeeva Wireless have figured out how to equip IoT hardware so that it doesn’t need batteries to run, it can generate its own juice out of thin air. And investors are taking notice.

“The biggest challenge faced by the IoT and wearable devices industry is wireless communication,” Vamsi Talla, co-founder and CTO of Jeeva Wireless said, according to The Economic Times “Traditional radio-based wireless communication solutions like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are expensive, drains the battery life of devices connected to it and are bulky. This needs to be modified for greater penetration of IoT and related technologies,” he adds.

The team has created a device that pulls existing atmospheric TV and cellular signals from already in the air and converts it to power, a technology they call “backscattering.”

“Two objects equipped with this chip can interact with each other by harvesting ambient TV and cellular transmissions,” Talla said. “In fact, Jeeva will be developing an extremely cheap connectivity solution using a flexible sticker form factor which can easily be integrated into everyday objects, thus enabling the vision of ubiquitous connectivity.”
Featured image: Pixabay 

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