Republic Wireless Launches New Phone For Kids Without A Screen

It’s a phone for kids without a screen. Actually it’s a walkie-talkie — with the added benefit of nationwide coverage. Republic Wireless has announced two devices, the Relay and the Anywhere HQ, intended to help parents keep track of kids, without the downside of giving children unfettered internet access.

Importantly, the devices lack screens, something Republic’s CEO Chris Chuang says is an important part of limiting the negative impact of devices on children.

“Digital distraction — it’s real, and it’s become a massive problem in today’s society,” Chuang said. “Study after study shows the adverse effects of too much screen time. It’s the dirty secret no one in the telecom industry wants to talk about. It might sound crazy, but you could say I am the one wireless company CEO who actually wants his customers to use their phones less — not more — so they can get their eyes back up to enjoying the real world around them.”

The Relay us fairly inexpensive, with a pack of two devices for $149 or three for $199, plus $6.99 per month, per device subscription, and offers two-way communication and comes with a companion app for tracking children with GPS, along with a few games to keep it fun. The Anywhere HQ (not yet available) is a voice activated smart speaker phone. Both devices are enabled with Google Assistant.

Featured image: Republic Wireless


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