10 Highlights From Today’s Verizon Protests to Save Net Neutrality

If anyone was concerned that Americans hadn’t noticed the upcoming Secember 14 FCC vote to roll back so-called Obama-era “Net Neutrality” regulations, those concerns were put to rest today. Across the country, people turned out to be a part of the December 7 Verizon Protests to save Net Neutrality, letting regulators know voters are watching and mad as hell. The fact that Verizon retail stores nationwide served as a flashpoint for protesters was a symbolic gesture squarely aimed at President Trump’s FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, who previously served as a top lawyer for the carrier.

The specific ask, according to protest organizers is this, “…we’re calling on our lawmakers to do their job overseeing the FCC and speak out against Ajit Pai’s plan to gut Title II net neutrality protections and give Verizon and other giant ISPs everything on their holiday wishlist.”

Here are 10 of the best highlights from today’s protests, proving there are many everyday Americans motivated and mobilized to protect a free and open internet.

1. Outside the Washington Hilton for the Telecom Prom 2017, the annual FCC Chairman’s Dinner

2. Paws off Net Neutrality


3. The Metallica sign is an A+, kid.

4. Portland didn’t disappoint with a homemade crafty take on Verizon Protest sign.

5. Colorado Senator Cory Gardner heard from his constituents too. Spoiler: they don’t seem happy.

6. Jeff Beals is running for Congress in New York and decided to turn a local protest into a campaign event.

7. This Verizon store in New York saw some raucous crowds and strong protest signs.

8. High vibes in Tucson, AZ for Verizon Protests.

9. This chant is fire.

10. And here’s Shahid Buttar from the Net Neutrality advocacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation preaching the word today in San Francisco.


Featured image: Center for Media Justice on Instagram


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