SMS Text Messaging Turns 25

The top hit on the charts was Whitney Houston’s “Bodyguard” smash “I Will Always Love You” and the number-one movie was “Home Alone 2” when the first real SMS text message was sent on December 3, 1992. This week marks the 25th birthday of the technology.

According to Tech Times, the first SMS text message was from Sema Group software architect Neil Papworth, who sent a simple “Merry Christmas,” to the then director of Vodafone Richard Jarvis’ Orbitel 901 device. A year later, commerical SMS service was launched in Finland and Nokia devices became the first equipped to text.

By 2006, the Tech Times reports 12.5 billion texts were sent a month, ballooning to 781 billion sent in June 2017.

Featured image: Pixabay





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