Wireless Holiday Wish List According to Science, Data & Other Stuff

The holidays are upon us, and no matter how you celebrate, tech nerds have certain gift expectations. Hold onto those lame books of Lifesavers and who doesn’t already have a drawer full of socks? Because no matter your age, a good old fashioned toy always makes the best present. Based on research data and just plain old shopping savvy, here are the top five of the best wireless gifts to give during this holiday season.

1. Smartwatch

Gartner is bullish on the future of the smartwatch and forecasts 41.5 smartwatches will be sold by the end of 2017. While Apple Watch remains the dominant brand in the space, Huawei, LG, Samsung and Lenovo are on the rise. Fitbit Charge ($129.99) and other wearable wrist devices also remain popular.


2. Nintendo Switch


If you missed the Black Friday rush you might have tried to buy a Nintendo Switch on Amazon, ($299) only to find they’re already sold out. But fear not! The hot throwback gaming system is set to be available by Christmas — if you order fast.

3. Wireless headphones

Headphones without the dangling, tangling wires is a power development and will be one of the top gifts during the holidays. From top-of-the-line Beats Studio 3s ($350) to bare bones, the gift of wireless sound is a sure bet.

4. Alexa, etcetera

echo dot

Thanksgiving weekend shopping was dominated by the popularity of Amazon’s Alexa devices, according to Business Insider and remain priced to move. The Echo Dot, the cheapest Alexa device on sale now for just $30 was the most popular. “Alexa, buy everyone on my list an Echo Dot.”


5. iPhone X

The wireless splurge that will make that special someone squeal is no doubt the iPhone X ($999). Sure there are plenty of people who will tell you it’s not worth the price tag, but those are just haters who don’t have one for themselves.


Featured image: Pixabay


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