Breathalyzers Go Wireless

Thanks to a built-in wireless transmitter breathalyzers, particularly those used to screen employees entering a work site, it’s easier than ever to keep intoxicated visitors at bay.

TheĀ  Lion Alcoblow Rapid Test Breathalyser from South African-based ALCO-safe has a built-in wireless transmitter that, when activated, can lift a gate or alert on-duty security guards if someone is sloshed, automating the screening process.

Industries such as petro-chemical, mining, construction and railroads have strict standards for intoxicated employees.

“Typically, the non-wireless Lion Alcoblow Rapid Test breathalyser is wielded by a security guard or similar official, who tests individuals as they enter a site,” Director at ALCO-Safe, Rhys Evans, says. “The wireless device effectively removes the responsibility from a security official to grant or deny site access, thereby reducing the risk of bribery or coercion.”

In addition to preventing injuries, intoxicated employees also negatively impact productivity, according to ALCO-Safe.

“The addition of wireless capability not only moves breathalysers forward in terms of technology, it also suits a world that is growing more and more automated. The use of a security official to conduct the test now moves from a risk for potential fraud, to an added security measure that ensures protocols are fully adhered to.”

Featured image: Pixabay



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