Wireless News Week In Review: Womp Womp

If you’ve been one of the few able to focus bandwidth beyond baby jails and abysmally poor FLOTUS jacket choices this week, there’s been quite a bit churning in the world of wireless. Notably, there were a number of very public fails by high-profile companies. Put another way: Womp womp.

Facebook Is Inserting Auto play Video Ads In Messenger

Just weeks after Mark Zuckerberg was hauled in front of a testy Congressional committee to swear Facebook would take privacy more seriously, the company has been caught by Recode inserting video ads into it’s private messaging service. Not a great look, Zuck.


Are We Still Trying To Make Smart Glasses Happen?

AT&T has decided to expand its Aria Smart Glasses to Canada, Australia and the UK.

Sprint Eyes Telematics Almost Two Years After the Competition

Sprint has announced its entering the connected car market with its planned roll out of a platform sometime in 2019 across its new 5G network. Main competitor T-Mobile launched it’s own connected car solution, SyncUP Drive almost two years ago. Better late than never?

Two Out Of Four Isn’t Great, Folks

A recent security breach showed carriers are selling real-time customer location data to third-party “data brokers.” After being caught, Verizon and AT&T said they’re super sowwy 🙁 and won’t sell you’re location data any more. What about T-Mobile and Sprint? Crickets?


Featured image: Pixabay 



PAWR Initiative Will Pump Money Into Building 5G Test Networks In These Two U.S. Cities

In the global race for widespread 5G deployment, researchers along with the telecom industry has pushed the limits of lab testing and are ready to create larger test beds for 5G applications including VR and autonomous travel. The National Science Foundation has announced it will invest $100 million over then next seven years to build 5G test bed networks, starting with two U.S. cities, New York and Salt Lake City.

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