New iPhones Give T-Mobile Edge Over Competition

There are two big reasons why the launch of the three latest iPhone models, the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR, are likely to benefit T-Mobile: spectrum and compatibility.

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Apple’s New iPhones Are Really Pricey And Twitter Isn’t Impressed

Apple is betting it can boost its bottom line with a new lineup of expensive iPhones. The cheapest of the new phones is the $799 the iPhone XR. The highest-end phone, the XS Max is $1,099, even more expensive than the $1,000 iPhone X. Are customers prepared to shell out that kind of cash for a phone? Or will Apple’s new high-priced gear drive its fans into the arms of Samsung and other cheaper alternatives?

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Apple Ready To Intro New iPhones

Today’s Apple event, broadcast live from the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, promises more than tweaks to old tech. According to reports, Apple is poised to release a whole slew of new hardware, from phones to watches. And when the world’s largest company introduces new products, people tend to pay attention. But can Apple reclaim the kind of buzz it’s new products once generated?

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The Promise of Blockchain for Business

Blockchain, a distributed ledger originally used to power Bitcoin crypto currency, sparked a revolution. Invented by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, Blockchain initially seemed like a genius way to put banks out of business, solving the challenge of double-spending. Ultimately Blockchain has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts, get-rich-quick schemers, contraband dealers of all stripes, autocrats and entrepreneurs looking for the next big breakthrough.

With that wide of a following, Blockchain must be doing something right.

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